Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 5/9/11

Weekend Ketchup!It was a rather quiet week around here, but it ended with a bang!

Insulated alligator clips make better bib clips: Smart Radio Shack-type hack, but there were concerns about lead in the wire insulation. Radmama suggested clothespins as an alternative. Other suggestions via Twitter: binder clips and big, plastic chip clips.

Post-it Easel Pads turn into an instant doodle art gallery: Fantastic art-y hack from Amy at Flexible Dreams.

Save money at amusement parks by giving kids a purchase "allowance": A must-use travel hack. Good any time you find yourself vacationing in spitting distance of a gift shop.

Amazon deal: 40% off Trunki ride-on kids' suitcases: Great deal for summer travel! Several Parenthackers have recommended this suitcase. Discount still good through the weekend. Amazon: 40% off Trunki

Enjoying amusement parks with little kids: Tips for helping you get the most fun (and least frustration) out of your theme park vacation.

…with a little zinger at the end of the post…

Universal Orlando GiveawayUniversal Orlando ticket giveaway: You may win one of two four-packs of admission tickets to Universal Resort in Orlando, Florida — among other things, home of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. YES. THIS MAY CHANGE YOUR SUMMER VACATION IN A BIG WAY. Read the full post for details and official rules.

Twitter and Facebook highlights:

An amazing bud vase made out of a votive candle holder and a balloon. I'm serious. I'll post about it on Monday, but if you want a sneak peek, check out April's link on the Facebook page.

A flood of fantastic tips for @coquemont who sounded the call via TwitterSomeone please write Top 10 Ways to Get Downtime With a Tot That Does Not Nap. We feel your pain. I'll compile those tips into a full post, to go up next week.

Fun responses from Joss Whedon fans (there are MANY among you) to my Twitter/Facebook alert about Amazon's hefty one-day discount on Firefly on Blu-Ray.

An anti-reflux tip from @BabyLoggertwo thick rolled up towels under the bassinet stand put it at the recommended 30 degrees for GERD.

Thanks for another great week together. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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