Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 5/2/11

Weekend Ketchup!It has been a remarkable week. I'm still processing the amazing response to my interview at The Pioneer Woman: Homeschooling about why I homeschool my son.

This is the first time I've written in detail about homeschooling, our school experience, and my son's Asperger's, so it feels like new territory. But, just like when I first started blogging, there was this inrush of "you're not alone." So powerful, so comforting! And especially moving when someone says that telling my story helps them feel less alone. What did we do before being able to reach out like this?

Someone stop me before I barf sentimental I LOVE YOU GUYS!! all over the page. But I do! I am so grateful to have a forum like this, where our conversations and tips add up to so much more.

The highlights at Parent Hacks this week:

Dribble-free soup: serve the "goodies" and broth separately: I'm still thinking about those cool stainless steel straws.Dr. Who's TARDIS

Potty training inspiration: make custom underwear decals!: Folks loved this hack, and the photo of little white undies decorated with iron-on bears didn't hurt. There was also an admission that a certain husband received custom Dr. Who undies as a gift. (It wasn't me, but now I'm thinking about that for Father's Day.)

"Paint on" diaper cream with a makeup brush: No hack works for everyone. And while this works well for Cristina, most said it wouldn't work for them. Interesting suggestion on the Parent Hacks Facebook page: coconut oil makes a great, natural substitute for diaper cream.

Pipe icing letters or numbers onto cookies for educational snacks: Good followup to the homeschooling conversation…education really is everywhere.

Teacher Appreciation Week flash cards (free printable): From my lovely friend Marlynn of Urban Bliss Design. Put a reminder in your calendar to print these out for end-of-the-year teacher gifts!

Write reminders on the bathroom mirror with dry erase marker: Another big hit! Everyone loved this hack, and some suggested bathtub crayons as an alternative for bathroom notetaking.

Mesh food covers become play tents for action figures: Imaginary play wins every time.

Use an empty cereal bag to pipe frosting: Why waste a Ziploc? In the comments, Tracy said they work well for devilled eggs, too.

Use Photoshop to turn photos into printable coloring pages: Oooooh, smart. Think about this if you're planning a wedding reception that will include kids.

Twitter and Facebook highlights:

I love how social media lets the conversation flow. So many of you are sharing PH-worthy tips and links via Twitter and Facebook, and I pass them on with a simple retweet. It's like getting bonus hacks!

This week, among other things, we talked about how to get dried-up sticker adhesive off of clothing. From Tanya:

Twitter: How to get sticker goo off of a new shirt?
Answers came back for getting rid of the goo:

  • Goo Gone
  • Eucalyptus oil (several said this works well)
  • Tea tree oil
  • Scrub brush + dish soap and/or vinegar
  • Scrape with a knife
  • Lemon water
  • Nail polish remover
  • Water/borax soak
  • WD40

Melissa said to be sure to wash immediately after treating with oil, and that dish soap and pretreatment helps oil stains. Sara suggested, if none of these tactics work, sew or iron a patch on. "If you can't fix it, feature it!" Thanks to all who answered the call.

Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. You are loved!

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  1. Kara says

    I just found you through PW – LOVED your interview. Your experience is so similar to my own! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. says

    Put a paper towel folded a few times on the sticky spot on the shirt, then iron over top. Check after a few seconds to see if the goo is coming up. I tried a zillion things to get sticker goo off a velour leotard of my daughters and this was the only thing that worked!