Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 5/16/11

Weekend Ketchup!Posting was light while my family and I attended #UORfamily, a press event for parenting bloggers at Universal Orlando Resort. We're now home and settled, and I'm busy going through all of the entries for the Universal ticket giveaway. I'll post a trip recap and announce the winners on Monday!

In the meantime, last week's goodness:

Glass votive holder + latex balloon = adorable bud vase: I could practically hear the gasps of amazement when people saw this hack. So lovely and inventive.

Foolproof picture hanging: mark the spot with a thumb tack: Tracy's ingenious method for properly positioning framed pictures on the wall…the first time. And thanks to a PH reader's kind email, I also discovered that I've been spelling "foolproof" incorrectly my entire life. I had to go through the archives and correct my spelling in a bunch of old posts! It was the grammatical equivalent of a friend telling you about the spinach stuck in your teeth.

"Wheel of What" app helps you keep track of (and decide on!) fun kid activities: Nifty way to track fun projects you intend to try with your kids.

How to find downtime when your kid won't nap: Parenthackers respond to Sabrina's plea for help. Lots more great ideas in the comments and on the Facebook page as well.

Twitter and Facebook highlights:

I was a tweetin' fool this week, sharing glimpses of the trip (along with all of the other attendees) under the #UORfamily hashtag. I shared pictures on Facebook.

Thanks to a pointer from @dampscribbler, I had the great pleasure of discovering I was part of Karen Walrond's video response to a Psychology Today blogger's "evidence" about the relative "attractiveness" of women of color:

Two great fantastic extensions of the conversation about getting downtime with no-nap kids:

There was more! Great hacks came in via Twitter and Facebook which I'll share in posts next week.

And finally, this, the most "liked" entry so far on the Parent Hacks Facebook page:

My crazy shuttle launch story

I just uploaded my iPhone video of the launch (don't blink, or you'll miss it).

Have a wonderful weekend.

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