Use an empty cereal bag to pipe frosting


Tracy, who seems to come up with brilliant hacks on a weekly basis, found this one at Tipnut, from Betty Russell:

For years used cereal bags for icing! The wax paper is nice and heavy and easy to turn into a pastry bag. Cut a small angle on one corner or open flat and form a cone with an opening the size you want. Scoop icing into it and twist down as needed. No cleanup mess just toss when done! Strong and flexible…will not fall apart when using.

As Tracy says, "Wow! What a HACK!!!!!  Makes me want to bake a cake just to try it out!!"

Full post at Tipnut: 20 Things You Can Use Twice Before Tossing

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  1. says

    This hack officially rocks my world. (I can’t believe I just typed that.) I hate using up expensive ziplocs, or making a special trip to the craft store or baking supply place for piping bags. Cereal bags–there’s a new one every day! THANK YOU!

  2. Tracy says

    I have since tried and it worked great. I got sick of purchasing expensive bags from the craft store and yes had tried the ziploc think in the past, only to have the bage split. Just dump out the crumbs… i find that some are “cleaner” than others, it just depends on the type of cereal you use. And no, I don’t save cereal bags. But we go through about 4-5 boxes of cereal a week, so if I know I have a cake project coming up, i just remember to hold 1 back. Seems like a small effort compared to driving 20 minutes to the nearest craft store. (BTW, I used it for deviled eggs already one time too and it worked just fine).

  3. says

    Oh, good tip! I always wonder what I can do with these bags. It seems such a shame to just toss them in the waste bin. As it is weekend and also time for a new box of cereal for my granddaughter, I can try this tomorrow.

  4. says

    My dad saves cereal bags, but then my dad also saves rubber bands, assorted nuts and washers, and everything else.

    Saving one or two cereal bags when you know you have a frosting project ahead makes sense. Just rinse and dry, fold, and save with the cookies cutters, birthday candles, and all of your other baking supplies.

  5. says

    Great tip! I will have to try this one out. We go through tons of cereal, so I won’t have to wait long to give it a go! LOL

  6. says

    One litre milk bags work great too! We buy the four litre (three bag) milk … three of those a week, making it twelve litres, sigh … so we get a lot of one litre milk bags. Easy to save a few when you know you’ll need them.

    You can use icing tips in them as well, and an elastic band around the end helps keep it tidy when you’re (or your kids) are squeezing the icing out!