23 May 2011

Turn a crib siderail into a magazine rack

Turn a crib siderail into a magazine rack

via www.ohdeedoh.com

*smacks forehead*

Read the full post at Ohdeedoh: Turn Your Crib Siderail Into A Magazine Rack

Thank you, Liz, for the pointer!

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I imagine there are a LOT of now-recalled drop-side cribs floating around looking for good repurpose projects. Here's one I found a long time ago that turns the crib into a quiet reading nook: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chupachups74/3467303401/ We don't have room to do it in my son's room, but in a larger room it might be great.

I've also seen a drop-side mounted to the wall with S-hook things over the slats to hold tools, etc. I can't find a picture at the moment but if I run across one I'll post it here.

Great repurposing of recalled cribs!

We used ours similarly to display the many baby blankets my daughter got even before she was born.

So smart!

BRILLIANT. I actually think I'd use this to store my decorative flat sheets of paper (yes, I have that many). Though, crap. I need that crib for a while now. :-)

Smacks forehead is right. D'Oh!

Love it, AND Catherine's reading nook link. Luckily you can do both with one crib!

I wonder if I could roll wrapping paper onto one of these ans use it as a gift wrap station? Hmmm . . . *mind working furiously*

We hung ours in the basement for a drying rack for cloth diapers.

*smacks toddler's forehead*
I love this idea, but I think my kid would pull it down on her head. I *do* live in earthquake country where propping heavy things is a little more dangerous.

You could mount it to the wall, though, making it safe from Acts of God in both the "toddler" and "earthquake" varieties. (I grew up in CA)

I used one as a rack for decorative papers and it was perfect!

Well, I wrote a comment but it disappeared with a real 'flash'. Let me try again: One thing I'd suggest is to mount the rail on the wall to protect it from toddlers' creativity and curiosity.

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