Pipe icing letters or numbers onto cookies for educational snacks

Amazon: Wilton Disposable 12 Inch Decorating Bags, Pack Of 24 Terrie's delicious hack for using up leftover frosting comes with a bonus of fun learning:

Whenever I have leftover colored icing in my pastry bag/decorator from making a birthday cake, I save it for a couple days for fun snacks.  We use it to write our names or spelling words, on graham crackers, rice cakes, or even write numbers on animal crackers for fun addition and subtraction review that can be eaten.

So clever. For kids who learn best while moving around, this is an incredible way to practice forming letters and numbers.

Do you have interesting uses for leftover frosting? Besides eating it by the spoonful?

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  1. says

    How cool! I wish I had seen this last month when I made my son’s birthday cake! I’ll just have to save this hack for next year :)

  2. Alana says

    Or for a healthier alternative, mix peanut butter with plain yogurt and use that instead of frosting.

  3. Nicole K says

    This is not exactly a hack but I just freeze my leftover frosting. When I need to do just a few details on a cake or just want to write happy birthday “name” I have a variety of colors available instead of having to make them every time.