“Paint on” diaper cream with a makeup brush

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To keep hands (and thus everything else) clean during changes when we have to apply rash cream, I bought an inexpensive foundation makeup brush. The gloppiest cream can be applied liberally this way and the clean diaper put on without all the cream getting everywhere.

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  1. kate wood says

    Already commented on FB, but thought i’d add it here… I always put the diaper cream right on to the diaper and then smeared.

  2. says

    Yeah, I just put the cream on a wipe and spread (but the diaper would work too). Then you don’t have to wash a brush or scrub the cream off your hands.

  3. Cindy says

    This wouldn’t work for us. Our girls have issues with BAD diaper rashes so we’ve taken to putting on HUGE amounts of cream at a time. Its more like icing a cake

  4. Jenni says

    Good idea, but expensive if you throw it out each time (which you should). Buy a box of latex gloves (you can usually get a good deal at COSTCO) and use those to apply and then peel and toss!

    Q-tips work for the “light” application, but if you have to use a huge amount (like Cindy) the gloves work best.

  5. Golden says

    but don’t you have to wash the makeup brush now (which sounds like more of pain that washing it off your hands)?

  6. Barbara says

    When needed we put it on the diaper, then use the diaper to blot it on. I’ve found though that corn starch blotted on with a cotton ball takes care of her diaper rashes better than anything else. I tried diaper rash creams and they just didn’t help.

  7. Marya says

    We used popsicle sticks – cheap, disposable, and you can easily put lots on (“butter” their bum). And hygenic, so you don’t re-contaminate the container each time.

  8. Hillary says

    I second the GroVia stick. It works really well and it is so nice to not have to clean my hands on something after doing a diaper change!