29 hacks in May 2011

29 May 2011

Happy long weekend!

I've been underground much of this week due to school/kid stuff. I find, when I've got a big issue to work out, I need all my creative brainpower to focus on it, hence, why things have been quiet at PH. Back after the long weekend!

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24 May 2011

Amazon deal: Willmaker Plus 2011 71% off

Be sure to read the fantastic conversation in the comments about estate planning.

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24 May 2011

Your travel-with-kids hack could win you a Club Med vacation

via www.instructables.com If this isn't a Parenthacker's contest, I don't know what is. Fabulous family travel site WeJustGotBack.com has teamed up with Instructables to uncover creative, hackerish travel tips. From the site: Submit a new step-by-step, photo, or video Instructable that demonstrates a way to make traveling with kids easier,...

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24 May 2011

23 May 2011

Universal Orlando winners!

...and a recap of my visit to Universal Orlando Resort.

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23 May 2011

Turn a crib siderail into a magazine rack

via www.ohdeedoh.com *smacks forehead* Read the full post at Ohdeedoh: Turn Your Crib Siderail Into A Magazine Rack Thank you, Liz, for the pointer!

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21 May 2011

Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 5/16/11

Posting was light while my family and I attended #UORfamily, a press event for parenting bloggers at Universal Orlando Resort. We're now home and settled, and I'm busy going through all of the entries for the Universal ticket giveaway. I'll post a trip recap and announce the winners on Monday!...

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20 May 2011

How to find downtime when your kid won't nap

The religion all parents practice: the Worship of the Nap. Naptime equals quiet time, get-

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19 May 2011

Universal Orlando Giveaway: Last day to enter!

The Universal Orlando ticket giveaway is now closed. I will post the winners on Monday, May 23, 2011. Thank you to all who commented and followed along on Twitter and Facebook! -- Asha This post comes to you from sunny Orlando, Florida, where my family and I are enjoying three...

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18 May 2011

"Wheel of What" app helps you keep track of (and decide on!) fun kid activities

via www.nohandsgames.com Jen's found a clever way to remember activities she wants to try with her kids: I have a hard time remembering which fun projects and activities we have on hand -- especially when I'm stressed or distracted. It's also hard to recall cool activities I see in magazines...

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17 May 2011

Foolproof picture hanging: mark the spot with a thumb tack

Who else has a hard time hanging framed pictures on the wall so they line up nicely? No longer, thanks to Tracy's problem-solving: I was a frustrated picture-hanger! The little hanger hooks on the backs of frames are often crooked, and it's hard to position the pictures on the wall....

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16 May 2011

Glass votive holder + latex balloon = adorable bud vase

via cfabbridesigns.com Can you believe this mod little bud vase is made out of a glass votive candle holder and a latex balloon? An admirable hack, which April was kind enough to share on the Parent Hacks Facebook page. Find out how to make it at Family Chic: Making Room...

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14 May 2011

Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 5/9/11

It was a rather quiet week around here, but it ended with a bang! Insulated alligator clips make better bib clips: Smart Radio Shack-type hack, but there were concerns about lead in the wire insulation. Radmama suggested clothespins as an alternative. Other suggestions via Twitter: binder clips and big, plastic...

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13 May 2011

Enjoying amusement parks with little kids

Tips for enjoying an amusement park visit with your family.

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13 May 2011

Amazon deal: 40% off Trunki ride-on kids' suitcases

The Trunki appeared here as an airport entertainment hack a couple years ago (see: Trunki suitcase keeps toddlers entertained during flight delays). Adorable hard-sided suitcase designed to be ridden around, which kids do with regular wheeled luggage anyway. Amazon has put a selection of Trunkis on sale at 40% off...

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