Picky eater’s delight: hot dogs + noodles = Silly Dogs

Silly Dogs

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I can't imagine a kid who would turn up his nose at THESE.

Find out how to make Silly Dogs at Feed Our Families: Silly Dogs for Dinner

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  1. says

    We’ve been making these for a few years now. We split the tops into 4 and they curl up when they cook. We call them aliens :) (Haven’t made it in a few months tho since we gave up grains and got rid of all our pasta – kids adore them, tho)

  2. says

    To make it healthier you could use a turkey dog or vegan dog, and use whole wheat spaghetti or even something gluten free like brown rice or quinoa pasta. You could also get creative with the dips by using pasta sauce, or a veggie dip. Dipping the wiggly noodles was half the fun at our house.

  3. Amber says

    I tried making these some time ago, but they didn’t work. The spaghetti inside the dogs didn’t cook and was still hard, but the spaghetti hanging out was well done. The kids hated the dogs with hard crunchy spaghetti inside. Anyone have ideas how to correct that?

  4. Laura says

    I tried these once with my extremely picky eater….she refused to touch them and then wouldn’t eat hot dogs (one of the few foods she wouldn’t balk over) for weeks after because she was afraid they were going to be “hairy” again!

  5. Jasileet says

    lol i get the creativity. and my kids are SUPER picky. trust! but i cringe a little at the hot dog/plain spaghetti/ potato chip combo. never been a food snob but you knowwww…

    bento is bomb for picky kids. make them help you punch out the shapes and pick the sticks. once you get a good set going (about $20 bucks for 3 punches, 2 pick sets, 2 boxes) you can reuse them in creative ways. it’s a great way to get rid of left overs! plus it’s an activity in itself. total win.

  6. Lilas says

    I love the idea, but my kids wouldn’t touch them. They love spaghetti and they love hot dogs. Just not mixed together.

  7. says

    I had the same problem. We experimented a few times, with a few different cooking styles and types of spaghetti. In the end it just wasn’t worth it.

    My oldest wouldn’t eat them as she is mostly vegetarian (bacon being the exception) and my youngest just couldn’t get past the whole ‘food touching’ part.

    I persisted thinking it would be fun party food. Tried making it healthier with a sea bed made from green veggies. No dice.