02 May 2011

Dribble-free soup: serve the "goodies" and broth separately

Amazon: The Handy House Stainless Steel Drinking Straws with Cleaner Jen's trick for serving soup to little kids, mess-free:

First, strain the "goodies" from the soup (chicken, noodles, beans, etc.) and serve them in a bowl.  Then, serve the broth in a mug, and let them drink it with a cut-down straw.

*Forehead smack of "why didn't I think of that?*

Parenthackers have suggested all sorts of things best served with straws: applesauce, yogurt, hot chocolate, even medicine. But this is the first soup straw hack!

I was a bit concerned about the idea of warm soup going through thin plastic straws. Plus, much as my kids love using straws, the waste gets to be a bit much. Enter: stainless steel drinking straws! Pop them in the dishwasher (or clean with the included brush) and reuse.

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We do this, but don't bother straining it. It's just an extra step. My kids natually eat all the 'chunks' out first, then when all that is left is broth, I give them a straw.

I just crumble up some crackers :) nothing to slop then :)

I use a slotted spoon to strain out the pasta/barley/meat/veggies/whatever and put it in a bowl for my toddler. He eats it with a fork and/or his fingers.

my son is not one for trying new things.

so with all new things like soups etc...

i give him corn chips or carrot sticks to dip into the food for a taste...

its a lot easier than sticking the finger in as he will nearlly always say yuck...

and a little on the spoon...he will just automatically reject...

crumbled bread or toast, even croutons work just as well :)

No need to worry about plastic straws...my son regularly drinks hot (actually, just rather warm) chocolate with a plastic straw.

The stainless steel straws are an excellent find. Reusing plastic freaks me out...

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