Happy long weekend!

I've been underground much of this week due to school/kid stuff. I find, when I've got a big issue to work out, I need all my creative brainpower to focus on it, hence, why things have been quiet at PH. Back after the long weekend!

Your travel-with-kids hack could win you a Club Med vacation

Are We There Yet? Challenge

via www.instructables.com If this isn't a Parenthacker's contest, I don't know what is. Fabulous family travel site WeJustGotBack.com has teamed up with Instructables to uncover creative, hackerish travel tips. From the site: Submit a new step-by-step, photo, or video Instructable that demonstrates a way to make traveling with kids easier, cheaper, or more fun this […]

Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 5/16/11

My crazy shuttle launch story

Posting was light while my family and I attended #UORfamily, a press event for parenting bloggers at Universal Orlando Resort. We're now home and settled, and I'm busy going through all of the entries for the Universal ticket giveaway. I'll post a trip recap and announce the winners on Monday! In the meantime, last week's […]

“Wheel of What” app helps you keep track of (and decide on!) fun kid activities


via www.nohandsgames.com Jen's found a clever way to remember activities she wants to try with her kids: I have a hard time remembering which fun projects and activities we have on hand — especially when I'm stressed or distracted. It's also hard to recall cool activities I see in magazines when the kids would be […]