Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 4/4/11

Weekend Ketchup! Busy, busy, busy! Spring is buzzing (even though it still feels like winter around here), lots of home details to take care of, getting a start on summer planning…and polishing my talk for Mom 2.0 in New Orleans next week! I hope to see some of you there. In the meantime, a look back at this week's hackerish goodness:

Parenthacker's toolkit: stuff every parent needs: Must-have multitaskers. The list keeps growing…

No-candy Easter eggs: Fill them with Legos: Folks went nuts over this hack…tons of interest in low-to-no sugar Easter egg alternatives. Tons of fantastic ideas in the comments as well.

Post-it Notes + analog clock = time management tool for kids: How I'm helping my daughter understand time management. Would love to hear your tips if you have them…I need all the help I can get. Appreciate Margaret's expansion on the usefulness of old-fangled gadgets.

Tween wardrobe hack: Daily outfit chooser/photo flip book: A fun hack? A creative project? Both?

Silly Bands double as water glass markers: As the craze fades out, a way to use those little rubber bracelets littering your house.

Store plastic Easter eggs in empty egg cartons: No-duh hack it took me years to discover.

Muffin tin as Easter egg dye container: Streamline a messy annual Easter tradition! Puts egg dyeing in reach of toddlers.

Make your own scratch art paper: An art project within an art project!

Hack request: Passover activities for kids: Email me your ideas and links for Passover crafts and activities! Will compile and share with all.

Twitter and Facebook highlights:

Lots of conversation, shared links, funnies. I put out a request for links to kid-friendly homemade garden plant markers and got a bunch of great responses; will compile into a post for next week (I'm in garden mode, big-time).

Have a wonderful weekend! If most of it will be spent with your tax return, be sure to treat yourself gently and give yourself a break. Toy Story 3, Ponyo, Up and Alice in Wonderland are on Netflix Streaming…

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