The Happiest Mom giveaway winners!

Amazon: The Happiest Mom (Parenting Magazine): 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood My son is taller than I am.

Okay, that's not saying much, as I'm barely five feet. The point is, he's growing up. I remember, when he was a baby and a toddler, feeling like my life would always be a crazy blur of hormones and nursing and frenetic toddler energy and baby food and diapers. Now, I can borrow his shoes.

I used to roll my eyes when people said things like "the days are long but the years are short." Now I nod with humble recognition.

Reading all of your tips for new parents hit me smack-dab in the chest. In a good way.

Many were variations on enjoy your children, trust yourself, and don't buy too much stuff. You must read them yourself, because summarizing doesn't do justice to the power (and humor!) of your individual voices. A treat to read. Thank you to all who shared.

And now, to our winners! Each lovely Parenthacker gets her very own copy of The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood:

  • Liz
  • Holli
  • Anna S.

Each of you has an email from me with further instructions. Congrats to you all!

Finally, special thanks to Meagan Francis for including Parent Hacks in her bloggy book tour, for writing a fantastic book, and for being someone I am so thankful to know.

At Amazon: The Happiest Mom (Parenting Magazine): 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood


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    Wow, Asha. Taller than you? My “baby” thinks he’s about to turn ten. Me, I’m not so sure he’s (I’m?) ready. I want to “enjoy the moment” but dang, the moment is always too crazy and I’m always too busy planning for the next moment. Where did the years go? I wish I knew.