Strawberry basket as small-parts holder for your dishwasher

Strawberry basket holds small parts in the dishwasher

Look how Angie put a strawberry basket and a bit of twine to use:

I use a plastic tomato/strawberry container and some string as a flexible and affordable way to wash small things in the dishwasher.


Perfect for baby bottle parts, sippy cup valves, and all the little stuff that finds its way to the bottom of your dishwasher. So smart. My recommendations: top rack only, and replace it regularly.

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  1. says

    Strawberry baskets make great “bubble wands” too. Multiple bubbles, and no blowing required. Dip the bottom of the basket in bubbles (in a low, flat pan), and then your kiddo can wave it around, spin in a circle while holding it out, etc. and they’ll get a bunch of bubbles instantly!

  2. Donna says

    You can take that same twine and add another basket and flip it over the top of the first one. Alternatively you can nix the twine and use a bread tie to keep it all closed.

  3. says

    LAME! Or you could just spend $4 at Target for a two layer dishwasher basket designed to hold these parts and not have to screw around with twine.

  4. anony says

    Where do you find strawberry baskets anymore; I haven’t seen them in years. Maybe it is a matter of where you are, but here in Arizona, I only see berries in clear clamshell packaging.

  5. says

    Very cute idea, I totally agree about the baskets though, I never see them anywhere (Midwest). Even our berry picking places use bags buckets now and they put your berries in a bag when you head for home.