Silly Bands double as water glass markers

Amazon: Silly Bandz: Fun Pack If you’ve got a school-age kid at home, you’re no doubt familiar with the latest collectible craze: Silly Bandz. These shaped silicone bracelets are hot on the playground and in birthday party goody bags (and as Easter egg fillers!). Shawn’s found a way to repurpose the inevitable extras floating around the house:

At my house, Silly Bands don’t stand much of a chance.  Those found on the floor head straight for the trash can – no mercy. But then I discovered that they are a great way to reduce dirty dishes!

We have a water station set up at our house so people can help themselves to a drink. It’s a simple tray with a medium-sized pitcher of water and a few 8oz glasses.  My daughters are really good at serving themselves with clean each time they get a drink.  Too good, in fact — my dishwasher’s top rack can attest to that.

Enter the re-purposed Silly Band.  Simply color code the glasses with a Silly Band and each child can re-use her glass a few times, knowing that the yellow-banded glass is hers.  And the Silly Bands do fine in the dishwasher if you happen to leave them on.

I’ve heard of families who color code everything, from socks to toys to clothes, so kids can identify what’s theirs (and what’s their responsibility to put away).

Silly Bands make decent rubber band replacements if you don’t need much stretch. Because they are silicone, I’m thinking they’d work well as laundry sock holders (so socks stay together in the washer and dryer).

Who else has a good use for Silly Bands?

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  1. says

    My son has started using his as bookmarks, so his bookmarks don’t fall out of his books. They will fit around most small chapter books.

  2. kate says

    they work as hairbands in an emergency situations and don’t pull or snag on the way out…

  3. Lisa says

    While I love this for the kids cups, I’m also stealing it for use on wine glass stems! :)

  4. Meg says

    Great idea! The silly bandz craze has come and gone in our house, so I’m using this for the kids’ cups, wine glasses & beer bottles! (Thanks Lisa)

  5. says

    I use them for needle stops when knitting, just wrap around the needle tips and the yarn doesn’t slide off. They also work for stitch markers.
    My makeup case has a bunch of broken eyeshadow and blush compacts so I use these to keep the lid on when the hinge inevitably breaks.
    I have one in my travel emergency kit – they can be ripped apart and used for ties too.
    I love them – they are like weak rubber bands-reminiscent of post-it note glue!!!

  6. says

    this is one of those “Why didnt I think of That?!” ideas…brilliant…my house is full of the things and i am going to go and retrieve them from where I hid them from the kids (in an attempt to stop having to pick them up from every nook and cranny of the house) ;)

  7. chris says

    We’ve been using them on wine glasses since they came out! It’s so funny seeing adults going after the “good ones”!

  8. says

    Great idea definitely going to use this at the campground this summer with the sodas and water. Now does anyone know why my cat insists on eating the silly bands. Daughters collection has been downsized tremendously due to this (not that I am complaining haha). But she will hide them and the cat still finds them – then we find them half eaten in the hallway. And yes she is most def eating them…