Serve kids rice with a cookie scoop

Amazon: Norpro Stainless Steel Scoop, 1 Tablespoon, 35mm Sonya shared her husband's trick for making rice easier for little kids to eat:

My husband found a good way to serve our children rice without it being so messy. He takes a cookie scoop and scoops up the rice, then clicks it out onto their plate. They have this neatly formed rice ball that usually sticks together enough for the kids to get it into their mouths!

Rice as finger food! *forehead smack of brilliance*

Portion scoops are now sold for all sorts of purposes other than ice cream…cookie scoops (for cookie dough-sized portions), muffin scoops (good for portioning muffin batter into tins) and more. I've even seen tiny scoops used for creating individual ball-shaped servings of butter. Making cookies with the help of a scoop goes about twice as fast as the old two-tablespoon method.

Any more ice cream scoop uses?

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  1. JT says

    Scoops of rice using ice cream scoops is very common in Hawaii for plate lunches. Pretty good idea, although my son might put the whole thing in his mouth and isn’t that still a little big?

  2. says

    JT, I *think* the point is that they put the whole thing in their mouth in order to do away with the mess–biting it would just bring back the mess factor of rice. So I think the idea is to use a really small scoop, like a melon baller. Maybe I’m wrong, but then I don’t get this post at all. :-)