Parenthacker’s toolkit: stuff every parent needs

Amazon: Leatherman Juice multitool When sharing the link for the baking soda shampoo hack on Twitter and Facebook, I joked about how baking soda should be part of a collection of must-have multitaskers for busy parents: the Parenthacker's Toolkit. A flood of responses came back suggesting what else should be on the list. Here's what we've got so far:

Wine, bourbon and margaritas were also mentioned.

Anything else?


  1. kate wood says

    Great post! The only thing I can think to add is a good dose of humor, which no parent can go without. Bravo Asha, and PH community:)

  2. Sue says

    For throw-up emergencies in the car: plastic bags (also for general car garbage), water and/or seltzer for use with paper towels. Change of clothes for all in trunk. Individual hand wipes.

  3. Melissa says

    I keep one of those wedding favor bubble containers in my purse. Great for when we are stuck someplace and I have nothing else to entertain them with.

  4. says

    I keep a mini tape measure in my purse. It entertains toddlers by zipping closed and older kids by mearsuring things when on a long drive or waiting.

  5. says

    Blue Painter’s tape — it comes off almost everything so when the kids want to hang artwork, make an envelope, design doll clothes, they know to come get it. I keep several rolls at home.

  6. says

    What about a smartphone? I’m finding that my iPhone is an invaluable tool and I’m using it for a variety of things like a timer, flashlight, tracking tool and general entertainment. I don’t know what parents did before these things.

  7. Di says

    The magic eraser is quite toxic, I wouldn’t have it in my house, let alone near to children? otherwise a great list!

  8. Janice says

    Please be careful with this- when I was little I cut my eye (my actual eyeball) with a tape measure playing with it this way. It zipped back into it’s case and cut me along the way.

  9. Rebecca says

    Actually that seems to be an urban legend or mis-information. Very possibly not enviro-friendly to produce, but the sponge itself is just plastic. As long as you don’t eat it, it’s fine. If you want more info, start with Snopes and out from there. I just looked it all up because of this comment and I’m not concerned in a direct-chemical-contact sort of way.