Mending hack: what to do when you cut the thread too short

Amazon: Dritz Needle Threaders I hand-stitch something maybe three of four times per year. But it's usually for something important, like sewing a treasured patch onto a uniform, or mending a hole in a favorite stuffed animal. Janice's hack solves my biggest problem:

Often when I go to mend something, I seem to cut the thread a little too short for the project at hand.  This leaves me squeezing every last stitch I can out of the length and then trying to tie a knot with the tiny ends left — a frustrating and time-consuming process.  However, I realized recently that you can take a needle threader and reverse-thread it through the knot, grab the thread end, and pull it through.  It was so quick and painless!

*smacks forehead*

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