Make your own scratch art paper

via via Craftzine

My daughter loves art, but I lack the artistic bent. So gathering art supplies for working projects isn't my strong suit. But buying lots of shrink-wrapped "art kits" rubs me the wrong way…the creative process is most of the fun (and learning).

I love how Marisa of Make Happy not only figured out how to make scratch art paper for her kids, but turned the act of making it into a fun experiment and art project in and of itself.

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  1. Allison says

    The paint probably gives a more even coat, but we used to do a similar thing by just coloring over a marker drawing with a black crayon.

  2. Ben says

    I first thought of black crayon too, but the thought of all that black crayon shavings all over the house made me think twice. What has been your experience?

  3. says

    Just found this—thanks for sharing my idea! I love Parent Hacks. Next time, I’d love a heads up so I can tell my readers. (And asking permission to use my photo would be nice, too.) :)