Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Season 2 premieres tonight

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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Food Revolution was my introduction to Jamie Oliver, and I'm now a raging fan. This TED award-winner and chef is doing more to raise awareness about the state of school lunches and childrens' nutrition than anyone I know. An amazing individual, a compulsively watchable and important show. This year, he takes on the Los Angeles school system's lunch program. I dare you not to care.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Season 2 premieres tonight on ABC.


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    Isn’t he amazing? He really pushes people, but he’s so likable and passionate it’s hard to imagine anyone ever saying no to him. He’s a brave dude. I would love to meet him one day.

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    Randomly stumbled on it last night and couldn’t look away.

    We should all be paying more for our food and less for our health care… but it’s so hard to get people to think this way. Food is RIGHT NOW. Health care is maybe later.