Homemade garden plant markers

During non-rainy moments here in Portland, I dart into my backyard and dig. I find that digging holes and doing other heavy garden work is the quickest way to clear my mind. (I find myself saying to my kids, "excuse me, but I gotta go dig a hole now." I think they're getting the subtext because they usually get meaningful looks on their faces and shoo me out the door.)

I've also been hatching plans for my vegetable garden. While it's still cold and the planter boxes are empty except for a few tiny pea shoots, I'm putting the kids to work making plant tags.

I asked for guidance from Parenthackers on Twitter and Facebook, and a bounty of creative suggestions came back:

Decoupage spoon garden marker

Metal stamped spoon garden marker

Two lovely garden marker projects that use old spoons. One decoupages images onto the spoons, the other uses small metal stamps and a Sharpie.

Wire and aluminum plant markers

This one is made out of craft wire and empty aluminum cans.

Laminated plant markers

This fantastic link roundup included simple hand-drawn-and-laminated plant markers. Yet another use for the ever-functional personal laminator!

Glass and twig garden markers

I love these glass-and-twig garden markers (click through for a free picture label download).

Martha Stewart: Twig garden marker

This Martha Stewart project hones twigs into garden markers using a vegetable peeler.

This is more than enough to get us started! And perhaps to inspire you to plant a few vegies yourself?

My thanks to all who sent along these links via Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. says

    Another laminator trick: I make a lot of laminated printables for my daughter and then cut out the parts I need. I’m sometimes left with a bunch of laminated blank paper. While frantically searching for my misplaced garden markers (still haven’t found the darn things!) I realized that can easily cut the laminated scraps into markers that you can write on with a sharpie. Not as pretty looking as some of these other ones but easy and serviceable.

  2. says

    All are Creative and Natural too…mostly GLASS one and Laminated plant marker shows your CREATIVITY and also looks UNIQUE and NICE.

  3. Kari says

    The glass and twig markers aren’t worth the hard work to create them. It took me a whole day to make them, but the glue I got (as given in the tutorial) didn’t withstand the conditions of the garden, we had a variety of fruits/veggies not listed (so I had to create my own art, which bled in the gluing process), and eventually the stones fell off the sticks. They’re beautiful, to be sure, but I’d stick with something more permanent (like the spoons).

  4. says

    Apart from being decorative items, these ideas help recycle the items which we won’t be needing in our kitchen or in our garden. The twigs idea is the one that struck me the most, as it uses something provided by nature itself. Great work sharing these garden ideas!