Game review: Rory’s Story Cubes

Baby Toolkit: Rory's Story Cubes review


If you're not yet subscribed to Baby Toolkit, get thee to your feed reader! Adrienne and Jim have been putting out consistently smart, thoughtful, hackerish stuff for years. Case in point: this review of Gamewright's dice game Rory's Story Cubes. Fun and stimulating for the entire family, including non-readers. I may need to make yet ANOTHER trip to the game store.

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  1. Pam says

    Rory’s story cubes are also available as an ipod app – great travel fun iwth our 4 year old on our last plane trip.

  2. BKC says

    I bought these on vacation at Borders in an act of desperation, and they turned out to be GREAT! With a little bit of patience, they’re good for a range of ages, even in the same story. My four-year-old had a blast.

  3. rebecca says

    You could make your own, if you were inclined, as cards and put them in a cute little mint tin and voila, perfect restaurant toy too.