Collapsible baby wipe packages work better than travel wipe containers

Kirkland-wipes Lisa says lose the travel wipe container!

When I was a new mom and carried a big diaper bag with every possible baby supply, I used a plastic, portable-sized and refillable baby wipe container.  The problem was that I was always worried that I would run out of wipes, and it was a pain refilling the container all of the time.

At some point I starting buying wipes at Costco — their Kirkland brand.  These wipes don't come in a plastic tub; they come in a soft, collapsible package with a sealable lid on top.  Once I had used a package for a while in the nursery, I would then put the half-empty package in my diaper bag.  It was portable enough, and definitely had more wipes than the plastic, refillable container did.  No more refilling wipes into a small container!

I was so proud of myself for coming up with my own hack, and couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it earlier.  I also recommend buying wipes in bulk so that you can have a pack in the nursery, another downstairs for quick diaper changes, a pack in the car, a pack in the diaper bag, etc.

Yes! Most wipe refill packages are soft, collapsable and reclosable…and small and light enough to carry along when half-empty. If you've got some empty wipe boxes sitting around, you can always use them to make a self-enclosed diapering kit. Or you could use them as car tissue-holders, or to organize your kitchen cabinets or corral small toys.

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  1. says

    I do this sometimes, too. The packs are flexible and crush down more as you use wipes, making more room in your bag as the day goes on and things get disheveled. And you can buy travel size wipes (40 ct) like this if your favorite wipes for home don’t come in the right packaging (oh, how I wish to live within range of a Costco again!).

    But I seem to be more likely to run out of wipes this way. Turns out I’m a horrible judge of how many are left in the pack. Any rule of thumb for when to change them up?

  2. says

    We do this too. I get mine at CVS – unfortunately our second home. The cashiers know our daughter by name – she thinks you can get everything you need there (you kind of can). I send those packages to preschool with her and I take whatever’s left at the end of the week from her school and stick it in my bag. I bring a new one the next week. It works out great.

  3. vnitz says

    I’ve done the same for years! I have now re-purposed those plastic travel-wipes boxes to bring along Nutrigrain and other soft cereal bars or cookies that would get squashed if they were loose in my bag or purse! One sandwich and one cereal bar, or 4 cereal bars fir perfectly!

  4. Amy says

    Thanks vnitz, I’ll have to try that.

    What I was going to mention is that the refillable travel packs never did a very good job of keeping the wipes from drying out. Here in Texas it never seemed to take very long for the heat to make the handful of wipes as dry as toast. And trying to re-wet those things in a bathroom sink while managing a half diapered/messy baby is not funny until later.

  5. says

    This is a simple and great idea! My wipes always dry out so quickly in those plastic travel wipes cases. Thanks!

  6. says

    On Facebook, Luci mentioned that this hack seemed obvious to her. I replied that what’s obvious to one person is a life-changer for another. NO hack is obvious to EVERYONE, so keep ‘em coming, even if you think it’s a “no duh.”

  7. Simone says

    Have you tried zip lock bags…you can fill them up with what you would need for the day…..

    so you can buy the big cheaper packs of wipes and divide them up…keep a stash in the glove box…

    also the zip lock can use them to wrap up and seal filthy mess things, nappies etc…to put in the bin…

    those little blue smelly bags you can buy to wrap up nappies can be a bit stinky themselves…

    at least the zip lock bag makes it all air tight….

  8. Anitra says

    I agreee.. the resealable bags of wipes always end up losing their moisture (into the contents of the diaper bag) for me. A Ziploc works better – and, as you pointed out, can be reused for mess-containment if necessary.