Amazon Gold Box next hour or two ONLY: Tivo Premiere HD DVR 83% off

Amazon: TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR (Black) Right now! In the Gold Box! Till 10am PST (or earlier if they run out)! The Tivo Premiere DVR is $49.99, or 83% off the list price of $299.99. Wha?

If you're still an actual TV watcher (as opposed to a Net-only video junkie), a DVR's the only way to do it. This Tivo records 45 hours of HD programming, can display YouTube, Amazon On Demand and Netflix Streaming, and makes cute boop-boop noises. Jump on this if it works for you!

At Amazon: TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR (Black), $49.99. Be sure to click the "View Gold Box Offer" button on the product page to get the discount. Monthly Tivo subscription fee not included.

Price good till 10am PST today only (or until they run out, which will probably be earlier)

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  1. Tim Goldenburg says

    Be careful. What’s not clear is that your only option is a $19.99 monthly contract for a year. This box is not eligible for multi-service discounts if you own multiple Tivos.