Amazon deal: Rayovac head-mounted flashlight 77% off

Head-light This hands-free lighting contraption comes in handy at our house several times a week. Great for:

  • Crafters and model-builders
  • Mechanics
  • Campers
  • Home repair
  • Backyard spies and treasure hunters
  • Sneaky bedtime reading

Not the most attractive tool around, but VERY useful. And it just popped up in Amazon's lovely Gold Box for $6.99 (77% off the list price of $29.99).

At Amazon: Rayovac High Pressure Xenon Head-Lite SPX3AAH, $6.99

Price good until midnight 5/5/11, or earlier if they run out before then. Also, the price and shipping details have changed since I originally posted this (see comments). If you notice something amiss before the deal expires, please leave a comment to let me know.


  1. Mimi says

    OMG… we’ve been using one of these the last few weeks for bedtime stories and it’s wonderful. My 3 yr old wears it while I read the story and he LOVES it. We climb into his bed, turn out all the lights and he puts the headlamp on … it’s also an easy way to know that he’s following along with the story!

  2. Rhubarb says

    We got small LED-based headlamps for our four-year-old twins to wear if they want to read or play quietly after “lights out” at bedtime. The twins share a room, and the headlamps provide individual lights that don’t keep awake a sleepy sibling AND are relatively durable (no knocked-over lamps and broken light bulbs to clean up!).

    Rechargeable batteries were also helpful: One set for each headlamp plus a spare set for the charger.

  3. says

    Okay, this is going to sound nuts… but, that won’t be a first for me.

    We’re having awful storms here. A few years ago (when we only had one infant), we got hit by a tornado in the middle of the night. The power went out seconds before we were hit. We ran blind in the inky chaos to the basement. When we arrived in our hiding place, we realized the baby had been carried upside down on our mad dash. We were very lucky that no injury resulted.

    Now we have an infant, a toddler, and a preschooler. When it started looking like a recent storm might turn tornadic, Jim pulled on his hands-free LED so he could assist more than one child should we lose power. I’m now keeping one by the bed just in case.

  4. Mim says

    These are also great for shining a light when you’re getting out a splinter or tending to a boo-boo.

  5. says

    Well that sucks. For what it’s worth, I did a little price comparison and $14 for this flashlight is still a good deal. But the whole thing feels a bit bait-and-switchy.

    I’m going to leave this post up as we find this product so useful, but I’m glad we’re talking about this.