Wet hair, cold head? Wear a hat to bed!

Amazon: Flannel sleeping cap Bring back the stocking cap! Tracy did and it kept her daughter cozy in bed while keeping heating bills low:

My daughter took a bath before bed and was uncomfortable and cold because her hair was wet.  Being that this time of year the heat doesn't always kick in as much as during the winter, some days it just "doesn't feel warm" in the house.  So, we decided to let her wear a winter hat to bed.  Her head was nice and warm and the complaints stopped :)  Yes she did have one major case of hat head in the morning, but we just spritzed and combed out and we were good to head out the door.

My kids also bathe before bed and I've found that thoroughly towel-drying their hair makes a big difference. I'm a fan of the Turbie Twist hair drying towel because it's not bulky and stays put, but any thin towel would do well, including your old, hooded baby towels.

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  1. Karina says

    After drying with a towel I put a small towel on top of their pillows. Wet pillows will smell and grow fungi. Sometimes I will put them out in the sun to refresh them. Pity we don’t live where there’s snow, those winter hats are cute…

  2. amy says

    I’ve had every kind of towel imaginable the absolute best for wet hair is a flannel burp cloth. I found out by accident one day when my towel turban thing fell in the litter box (ew). The burp cloths work a hundred times better than any other and are far less lighter. I have to use the xl cloths because my hair is waist length and even then it’s lighter on my head than the baby hooded towels or the towel turbans.

  3. amy says

    “Far lighter” not far less lighter because that makes no sense. I should also mention that the burp cloths are super absorbent and dry really fast. Pure hair-drying awesomeness.

  4. says

    Wow It seems to me a perfect hat, looking nice and simple to use and off course if your daughter likes it and feel better so this will be good for every one.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. kate wood says

    Does it seem like the previous two comments were just excuses to post links to spam pages? Apologies if “cell phone accessories wholesale” and “cotton outlast blanket” are actual contributing parents.

  6. says

    I am too impatient to blow dry! I try to time the shower so it isn’t RIGHT before bed, but the kids usually go to bed with damp hair (as do I, sometimes). Good point about a towel on the pillow, Karina.

  7. says

    My daughter has never had a haircut, and so has hair past her bottom. When we take a bath before bed, I brush and braid her hair, then she wears a knit cap to bed. Sometimes she just wears the cap to bed because she like it! My son’s hair is fairly short, so his can be towel-dried without much fuss.

  8. says

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