Tether the hairbrush to the towel bar!

Never lose your hairbrush again!

via leechbabe.com

Never again shall "but I couldn't find the brush!" be an excuse for wild hair. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this on the Facebook page, Marita.


  1. A.L. says

    The only problem I can see, is that it can pose a strangulation hazzard. Either for intentional stranglution, or accidental. ( work in childrens behavioral health, I am on the look out for intentional strangulation hazzards.)

  2. Kate says

    Strangulation was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this too! Can’t have any little ones in the house if you put this into action!

  3. Becky C. says

    I like the velcro idea, or even a putting a magnet on the back of the brush and sticking it to the side of the medicine cabinet. I think the shoestring idea is funny as an idea borne out of frustration, but the photo of it actually being done really gives me the willies…

  4. says

    anything that’s not properly tied, stapled, nailed down, glued or secured with the screws has a tendency of growing legs if you have young kids :)..

  5. says

    i am actually thinking of the heavy-duty retractable bungee threads (think the ones that hold office IDs).
    would be nice if users can share a list of item that needs to be permanently “secured” in each room

  6. says

    I hear you. I wouldn’t want our hairbrushes in full view, especially because we only have one full bathroom (so guests use it, too). Magnet idea is great for those with metal cabinets!

  7. Paul G says

    If you only knew… I have 3 daughters all grown up now ,I chained my hairbrush to the b’room way back in the ’70’s. We didn’t have an electric can opener only a pinch and twist type. If you could’t find it you couldn’t open a can of vegetables… so I chained it to the kitchen sink. When my daughter’s friends came to the house they would give them the tour of inventions that i havd set up..and yes we used a spoon to tap on the heating pipe to communicate with nana upstairs when we could not reach her on the phone just to see if she was ok!