03 March 2011

Homemade "sock keeper" holds stray socks while they wait for their mates

Stray sock holder

Delia Creates via www.ohdeedoh.com

Cute way to keep track of single baby socks till their mates turn up. I can't help but imagine how my 11 year-old son's massive tube socks would engulf that frame!

For the full how-to, read the original post at Delia Creates. (Thanks to Ohdeedoh for the heads-up.)

How do you deal with stray sock singletons?

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We have an ENORMOUS laundry basket full of odd socks. That frame is cute, but it wouldn't hold many socks.

I throw them back in the laundry. Either the mate is found next time around, or eventually, I lose the mate of a duplicate pair... either way, eventually they get matched up.

I got tired of sorting socks. Now I buy multiple packages of identical socks, so (except for dress socks) each person only has one type and color of sock. There's ALWAYS a match the next load through!

I throw my 3-year-old's socks in a mesh lingerie bag which I keep by the hamper. When I'm ready to do the laundry, I simply zip it up and throw it in the washer and dryer. The socks get clean and dried and they're all in the bag for easy matching. No more scouring through the laundry pile looking for one of her tiny socks!

I keep odd socks in a kid-sized shoe box. Sometimes I don't even bother matching them up when the mates come through the laundry. I just add them to the box and hand it over to my daughter who loves to match socks.

My daughter usually makes sock puppets out of hers when we lose a mate.

I have kind of given up on caring. My 8 year old has a bunch of socks in the same style that all "kind of" match (i.e. they're all polka dot and primary colors) and they're hidden under her shoes, so I don't worry if the two she's got on are not the same unless we're going somewhere that she'll be taking her shoes off. Even then, eh. Who's gonna waste the energy and fault a kid for not having matched socks?

This is a great idea, especially for those teeny tiny baby socks.

i have a small basket on the shelf by the dryer and the single socks go there until the mates found or it becomes a cleaning sock!

A must if you have a front loading washer. Baby socks (and other small socks, underwear, *ahem* thongs) can get sucked up into the drain causing blockage, loss and just all around ickiness.

nice for in the living room on the wall, very creative ;)


There's a hack for that!


You can even throw the lingerie bag right into the drawer.

This is great! I was just trying to figure out what to do with all my single socks today. Keeping them in a plastic bag like I have been isn't working so well because I never know what's in there!

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