Save money on breakfast cereal by blending with less expensive versions

Amazon: Kellogg's Raisin Bran (Package of 4 Boxes) Here's how Tracy cuts her grocery bill along with the sugar content of her kids' breakfasts:

We use large plastic cereal bins to store our cereal.  To save a little $$, we blend cereals.  1 box of Honey Bunches of oats mixed with 1 box of generic corn flakes.  1 box of Peanut Butter Crunch mixed with 1 box of Kix-type corn puff cereal.  1 box of Fruity Pebbles (or Cocoa Pebbles) mixed with generic Rice Krispies.
Cereal goes a lot further and it costs less.

I do the same thing. I don't buy most flavored cereals, but I do mix everything I buy with Trader Joe's High Fiber, which is inexpensive, filling, and plain enough to blend with any other cereal.

I also serve oatmeal or Cream of Wheat at least one morning a week.

Some cereal prices aren't bad on Amazon — perhaps a good candidate for Subscribe & Save?

Any other tips for economizing on breakfast cereal?

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  1. Judy says

    My mom totally did this to me growing up. I kind of hated it, but would do this to my kid to save $ with no problem!

  2. Caroline says

    I do this with the Yogurt Cheerios and generic cheerios. Mostly to cut back on the sugar, but the cost benefit is nice too.

  3. says

    Or you could just buy the bag-only brand and not have to blend at all…

    For about what you would pay for one box of name brand cereal, you can get a much larger bag. Or sometimes the bag varieties cost more than a single box, but in double the quantity for less than double the price.
    My kids (and I) prefer this to blending, which they DO NOT like. I save more money if they actually eat it than if I end up throwing it out.

    But for my school-age kids, their school participates in a program called Breakfast in the Classroom, where the school provides breakfast to the entire student body, free. So, I generally don’t allow them to have cereal at home on weekdays (they’ll have some at school). If my big kids do want breakfast at home on a weekday, it’s got to be something a little more healthful, like oatmeal, eggs or yogurt.

  4. Kerry says

    I love the high fiber tip here. You know, there is no reason to break the bank on cereal….coupon and stock up in September and you can put a nice dent in that budget.

  5. says

    Cereal is TOO EXPENSIVE! I can’t believe the prices for what is usually various forms of rice, wheat or corn with sugar and paint. The amount in the boxes for the money just doesn’t seem worth it.

    Oatmeal is cheap, but take a little more effort to warm the water or milk.

    You can also get a delicious “cereal” by mixing milk with leftover rice of macaroni and a little sugar + cinnamon + raisins or banana. That costs just pennies and is probably about the same nutrition as cereal.

    My wife and kids love certain brands of cereal and they refuse to live without them.

  6. says

    I’ve made the biggest dent in my cereal costs by simply adding more variety to my breakfast routine. We try to only eat cereal two (maybe 3) times each week. Other mornings we are having things like pancakes, bagels, oatmeal, eggs and toast.

  7. chris says

    Not so much for cost but for sugar intake with my kids. I microwave 2 servings of plain quick oats in a bog bowl. Add a big splash of cold milk and one packet of instant oatmeal. It comes out the perfect temp and the instant oatmeal gives just enough sugar and flavor to make it all come out right.

    We love Oat Heads instant oatmeal – comes with little bits of dried fruit in it that are much better than the other brands. Same cost too.

  8. Rita says

    Are my kids the only ones who would sit there and pick out the desirable bits and leave the rest behind?

  9. says

    We buy my son’s gluten free cereal (EnviroKids) on Amazon because the Subscribe and Save option is such a deal. You need to have the space, but it’s super convenient and saves us money so I don’t mind setting aside the space.

  10. Erin K says

    I love the fiber tip. My boys love cereal and go through GALLONS of milk. Constipation is an issue…so I love this tip! Thanks.

  11. Rhonda says

    My 5 year old twins LOVE mixing cereals and the only time they get to have the junky kids cereal is if it’s mixed with a low sugar cereal. Cocoa Krispies? Sure, if it’s mixed with 3/4 plain Rice Krispies. Since they’ve never had a bowl of straight Cocoa Krispies they think the mixed Krispies are a huge treat. Mostly though, they just eat the low sugar “grown up” cereals without any extra sugar added at the table because that’s what we’ve always given them and that’s what they are used to eating.

  12. momo4 says

    My kids like TJ’s strawberry clusters but after a couple boxes I’ve started mixing my own: Flax Clusters. Oat Flakes, Corn Flakes & Freeze dried Strawberries. We also add a scoop of plain instant oatmeal to TJ’s Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal. Cuts down on sugar & cost.

  13. says

    I give my kid cereals in the morning during his breakfast. And glad to know that you provided here on how to save money into the extent on spending money on cereals. Sometimes I come to think on the prospects on how to save money and purchased budget friendly products. Keep it up; I hope you will provide more tips. I will have the time to avail your product also.

  14. says

    I’ve been thinking about doing this with the flavored instant oatmeal my son loves. I think I’ll open all the packages and mix it equally with plain to cut back on the sugar…
    anyone do this?