01 March 2011

Safely trim your toddler's bangs with nose hair scissors

Amazon: Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pour Homme - 2910-ZW, Nose & Ear Hair Scissors Summer's tip for safely trimming wiggly kids' hair:

I cut my 2 year-old son's hair with blunt edged (but very sharp) nose hair trimming scissors.  He wiggles and turns his head a great deal while I cut, but the rounded tips on the scissor blades keep him safe from pokes.  I also make sure to always have my fingers between the scissors and his head.  So far he has come through several home haircuts unscathed.

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See, where was ParentHacks when my mom cut my earlobe off? And I was old enough to remember it, so I still have flashbacks.

YIKES! Store owners everywhere will wonder why there's a run on nose hair scissors!

I use my husband's electric mustache groomer to trim bangs, no worries about poking eyes on wiggly children, either.

This is perfect. My daughter needs a bang trim and I wasn't sure what to do (not going to a salon for a 4 inches of bangs trimming). Now I just have to find those scissors (that we rarely use)... I know we have a pair somewhere.

Now this... THIS... is a totally awesome hack. I really wish I'd seen this just a few days ago, as I did a home haircut on my 23mo yesterday and it... was nerve wracking at times. OH HELLO HOW DID YOUR EYE GET RIGHT THERE?

On the PH Facebook page, David argues that we should put kids in charge of their own haircutting. I don't agree, but his comments are interesting.


To make bang trimming easier at our house, I have my daughter wear her swim goggles. (She hates the feeling of little bit of hair in her eyes.) The goggles prevent that, and keep her little eyeballs safe when she moves around. I don't worry about poking her any more!

WOW! I will try this! This may speed up haircuts.

Now I just have to find those scissors (that we rarely use)... I know we have a pair somewhere.

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