Reclining high chair makes for hands-free snot sucking and medicine-giving

Reclining high chair makes for hands-free snot suctioning or medicine dosage

Kelly Rose's sick-baby-containment tip:

Amazon: Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair My 11 month-old is battling pneumonia right now, so we've had to use a nasal aspirator and give him medicine, both of which he hates and struggles against. We have a high chair that reclines (Fisher Price Space Saver), so I put him in the high chair and recline it to suction his nose and dispense his medication. I have two hands free, and he is safely strapped in and at the perfect angle to get the snot or swallow without a fight.

We never used the recline feature of the high chair before (since we didn't put him in it before he could sit up) but I'm so glad we have this feature now!

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  1. Phil says

    These chairs are great.
    We got one in a sale when our son was born. He was very prem so always a small baby, and this chair was ideal. He’s now 5 and we’re still using it for our 2 year old daughter (not prem).
    She drinks her morning milk in it (reclined) and eats at the table with us sat in it.
    It gets used for home haircuts (both kids) and has been well worth the money.