Parent Hacks Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 3/14/11

Weekend Ketchup! Posting was light this week because of the combination of "springing forward" (zzz), tax preparation (grr) and vacation (ahh)! We'll be back to the usual hijinks on Monday, but in the meantime, here's a look at recent happenings:

How do you teach helpfulness while promoting responsibility? The conversation has gone on in the comments for two weeks and is so thoughtful and multifaceted it's hard to sum up here. Tess said something that really stuck with me: sometimes, if a kid asks for help when it's not really needed, it's may just a way of wanting time together. Dorothea shared fantastic wisdom for those who have abandoned chore charts as useless. There's more — go back and have a read.

Cheaper nursing pads that actually stay put: cut a pantiliner in half: Turns out, leakiness is a very individual problem, as are the solutions nursing moms devise. Read through the comments for more worked-for-me tips.

Save money on breakfast cereal by blending with less expensive versions: Who else thinks breakfast cereal prices are a racket? Here's one way to cut costs. More great ideas in the comments including adding variety to breakfast with grains, pasta, and other meals, couponing, and letting kids eat breakfast at school (it's free in some districts).

Several on Facebook pointed out how little nutrition many cereals provide. Kids love it and we love the ease of serving it, but there are better breakfast choices, especially given the cost. Something to think about.

Twitter and Facebook highlights:

The Parent Hacks Facebook page is a great place to post your own hacks or questions.

Heather suggested using mitten clips to turn napkins or washcloths into bibs.

Katie shared photos of her version of rain gutter bookshelves. We posted another version here a while back.

Holli asked: Does anyone have any great hacks for keeping my 21-mth-old daughter's toys within her reach while in the car seat on long trips? Great responses from folks on Facebook and Twitter. Got one of your own? Please share!

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you on Monday!

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