How to encourage both helpfulness and responsibility, continued

I recently shared a dilemma I'm having in my family: the subtle-but-disturbing tension between teaching kids to be helpful with teaching them responsibility. I've eagerly watched the comments, wondering if you feel that same tension, and what (if anything) you've done about it. As I knew would happen, several thoughtful responses have come in. Margaret […]

Let’s Panic winners!

Amazon: Let's Panic About Babies!

161 people entered the Let's Panic About Babies! giveaway, and there were almost as many parenting books mentioned, both good and bad. Surprisingly, most people find the right parenting books helpful. The trick, of course, is figuring out which book is "right." Which you won't know till you've read it and tried a few of […]

Amazon this weekend only: Great $5 magazine subscriptions

Amazon: Popular Science Magazine (1 year subscription)

I'm always watching Amazon for good deals, and $5 magazine subscriptions are one of my favorites. Five to ten minutes with a good mag perks me up on days when I don't have a longer snatch of time to relax. Today and tomorrow, Amazon's put a bunch of good ones on sale, including Popular Science, […]

Parent Hacks Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 2/28/11


A look back at the last week at Parent Hacks: Reduce hair combing drama with distraction: Strategies for keeping your kid's mind busy during the daily brushing. Reading is fun (and crunchy!) with letter-shaped cookies: How Amy turned snack time into learning time. Review and giveaway: Curly Girl: The Handbook: I loved this care-for-your-curls handbook […]