Amazon this weekend only: Great $5 magazine subscriptions

Amazon: Popular Science Magazine (1 year subscription) I'm always watching Amazon for good deals, and $5 magazine subscriptions are one of my favorites. Five to ten minutes with a good mag perks me up on days when I don't have a longer snatch of time to relax.

Today and tomorrow, Amazon's put a bunch of good ones on sale, including Popular Science, Science Illustrated, Parenting (both the Early Years and School Years versions), Working Mother, and several hobby-related titles.

On Amazon: $5 Magazines

Prices good until 3/6/11. Thank you to @kathyell for this on Twitter: "Several of the $5 mag subscriptions are auto-renew. I set a calendar reminder to see later if I want to cancel."

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  1. Darryl Papa-sensei says

    I noticed for Popular Science, that it’s $5 for the 1-year Auto-renewal price. Other magazines like Popular Mechanics are $7/year with auto-renewal, without it they are both $12.

    Just so people are aware they will be renewed and charged every year, still a good deal :)

  2. says

    Great deal! I purchased a few. Just remember that even though it says 1 year auto renewal, my experience has been that magazines tend to try to renew earlier so if you don’t like the magazine, mark your calendar about 2 months before it it set to auto renew and contact the company.

  3. says

    These are great mag deals. has some good deals on Family Fun, Parent, Child, and Shape, too. Use code WKLYSPEC to save an extra 20% on these titles (exp. 3/13)