29 hacks in March 2011

31 March 2011

Baking soda paste as no-tear shampoo

A gentle hair-washing hack from Kate: If you are afraid of shampoo in the eyes, or have sensitive skin, try a baking soda paste to wash hair. Seriously. No suds, safe to ingest, leaves hair squeaky clean. Follow with conditioner. Cheap, too! Is baking soda magical or what? You can...

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30 March 2011

Tether the hairbrush to the towel bar!

via leechbabe.com Never again shall "but I couldn't find the brush!" be an excuse for wild hair. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this on the Facebook page, Marita.

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29 March 2011

Streamline grocery shopping and meal planning with a pre-printed list (download)

The idea of a pre-printed grocery shopping list always appealed to me, but in practice, it just never worked. I would forget to print the list, or I couldn't find it, or the templates I found were missing items I regularly bought. Well, I finally put about an hour of...

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29 March 2011

My kid and I yell at each other when we're mad. How do we stop? Talk amongst yourselves.

One of parenting's many ironies: that our patience gets tested when it's at its weakest. Nina asks: how, in those moments, do you call on your extra reserves to keep from yelling? My son is six and we are moving to another country -- which means we're under extra stress....

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28 March 2011

Four strategies for helping your child adjust to a new sibling

My dear friend Christine Koh of Boston Mamas just had her second child, a daughter named Violet. Christine has made a concious effort to take care of herself throughout her pregnancy by exercising, eating well, and balancing work, home, and rest. I've learned so much about prioritizing just by watching...

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23 March 2011

Wet hair, cold head? Wear a hat to bed!

Bring back the stocking cap! Tracy did and it kept her daughter cozy in bed while keeping heating bills low: My daughter took a bath before bed and was uncomfortable and cold because her hair was wet. Being that this time of year the heat doesn't always kick in as...

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22 March 2011

Reclining high chair makes for hands-free snot sucking and medicine-giving

Kelly Rose's sick-baby-containment tip: My 11 month-old is battling pneumonia right now, so we've had to use a nasal aspirator and give him medicine, both of which he hates and struggles against. We have a high chair that reclines (Fisher Price Space Saver), so I put him in the high...

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19 March 2011

Parent Hacks Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 3/14/11

Posting was light this week because of the combination of "springing forward" (zzz), tax preparation (grr) and vacation (ahh)! We'll be back to the usual hijinks on Monday, but in the meantime, here's a look at recent happenings: How do you teach helpfulness while promoting responsibility? The conversation has gone...

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16 March 2011

Save money on breakfast cereal by blending with less expensive versions

Here's how Tracy cuts her grocery bill along with the sugar content of her kids' breakfasts: We use large plastic cereal bins to store our cereal. To save a little $$, we blend cereals. 1 box of Honey Bunches of oats mixed with 1 box of generic corn flakes. 1...

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15 March 2011

Getting kids outdoors: listen to the podcast today at 10am PST/1pm EST

Join me today at 10am PST/1pm EST for the LifeStyle Mom Radio Cafe podcast -- I'll be talking with host Dana Kilmer and guests Emily McKhann of The Motherhood and Jaime Matyas of the National Wildlife Federation about getting kids outdoors. Great stuff -- hope you'll be there!

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14 March 2011

Cheaper nursing pads that actually stay put: cut a pantiliner in half

Nursing moms: this hack is a thing of beauty. From Ashley: I'm breastfeeding my three month-old and quickly got sick of buying nursing pads. Not only are they expensive and wasteful but they are large (I don't leak THAT much) and bulky. I tried the reusable ones but they were...

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12 March 2011

Parent Hacks Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 3/7/11

This week, the action was in the comments. Printable: cute meal planning template: This might be adorable enough to motivate you to plan out next week's dinners. Let's Panic winners!: Let's Panic About Babies was a joy to review, your comments about helpful/harmful parenting books were fantastic (and surprising; roundup...

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11 March 2011

Manage bulk purchases by numbering multiple packages of the same item

Given how much interest there is around knowing each others' bulk buying habits, R's multi-pack-management hack seems well-timed: I shop every week at a warehouse club and frequently stock up on multi-packs of items I will use over several months, such as three large bottles of catsup or three boxes...

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10 March 2011

How to encourage both helpfulness and responsibility, continued

I recently shared a dilemma I'm having in my family: the subtle-but-disturbing tension between teaching kids to be helpful with teaching them responsibility. I've eagerly watched the comments, wondering if you feel that same tension, and what (if anything) you've done about it. As I knew would happen, several thoughtful...

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10 March 2011

Amazon Subscribe & Save: What do you order? Talk amongst yourselves.

In the homemade snack organizer hack, I mentioned that I order my go-to snacks through Amazon's Subscribe & Save program. (I use Subscribe & Save for fruit leather because my kids have it in their lunches or as a snack almost every day.) This program sets up a regular shipment...

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