Curly Girl winners!

Amazon: Curly Girl: The Handbook From the sounds of the comments (180 of them!) LOTS of you want curly hair advice! You also had great tips of your own, which I will be rounding up next week.

A couple of you read an earlier version of this book and said it changed your lives. I had no idea curly hair was such an emotional topic. My daughter has curly hair, and your comments opened my eyes to what her experience may be like.

And now, our three Curly Girl winners: Molly, whose best tip is "don't wash every day," and Maiko1 and Ali, both of whom have straight hair but have daughters with curly hair so NEED HELP. It's on the way!

For everyone else who entered, I wish I had a hundred books to give away! If you've got some extra change, Curly Girl is well-priced at Amazon ($9.92, or 32% off the list price).

PS. The Let's Panic About Babies! giveaway is still going on! You've got until Monday afternoon to enter.