Amazon today only: Wooden food play set 65% off

Amazon: Educo Gourmet Chef Cuisine Wooden Play Set This is one of those toys (like the Brio train set or the Lego bricks) that gets played with periodically for years, and then makes a great hand-me-down for younger relatives or future grandchildren. "Cutting" through the Velcro fruit feels immensely satisfying.

At Amazon today only, it's $17.64 (and eligible for free Super Saver or Amazon Prime shipping), which is 65% off the list price. Great for keeping little ones busy while you make dinner. I also love that unusual vegies — eggplant and turnip — are represented here, gently reminding kids it's all good food.

At Amazon: Educo Gourmet Chef Cuisine Wooden Play Set, $17.64

Price good through 2/10/11. If you're interested, check out early; they sometimes run out before the end of the day.

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