Create a Valentine soundtrack

Amazon: Tunes for Two Heart-Shaped Splitter Dana, event coordinator for WebVisions, shared this idea for a sweet, candy-free Valentine tradition:

Last year I started a Valentine's tradition with my now six-year-old daughter.

I collect songs throughout the year that she says she likes and I make her a "mix tape" (on CD) that we listen to when we're in the car.

Who else gets a little mushy remembering "mix tapes"? And who else thinks a holiday playlist is a wonderful way to keep the sentimental lovey-dovey going way past Valentine's Day?

(Aside: I got to know Dana because I'll be speaking at WebVisions this year. WebVisions is a Web design and strategy conference happening in Portland, OR May 25-27, 2011. Your ears might start burning because the topic is YOU.)

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