Parent Hacks honored in the Say100

Picture 9 Wow. Thanks to a tweet from @chookooloonks, I discovered that Parent Hacks is one of ten parenting sites chosen as part of the Say100, a curated list of "voices that matter."

Top-ten lists and "best of" contests have their limits. But, subjective as they are, they also help identify interesting outposts in the crowded landscape of the Web. I'm honored that journalist and author Dana Wood, curator of the Parenting list, had this to say about Parent Hacks:

Amid of vast sea of navel-gazing and minutia-dispensing, this blog is like a cozy lighthouse filled with straight-up great advice.

YOUR great advice. Hopefully you'll never get sick of hearing me say it: *thank you* for making this site what it is. Your voices matter.

Congratulations to all of the Say100 honorees, including:

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  1. Roz says

    That’s my girl! Congratulations! I am so very, very proud of you. I know the kiddos and Rael are bursting their buttons, too.