Printable Super Bowl Bingo!

Super Bowl Bingo 2011

One way to keep non-footballers entertained during the game. Print your own Super Bowl 2011 bingo card at GONelsons. Thanks for the pointer, @irishgirl!

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  1. says

    Well if you want to know when the Hyundai Commercials are going to air, I have a cheat sheet !

    Some fresh Hyundai ads to air are:
    Hypnotize ­ 1st Quarter, Deprogramming ­ 3rd Quarter, Anachronistic City ­
    4th Quarter
    All part of the Compact Car Conspiracy campaign.

    Media Needle

  2. Tracy says

    Thanks for the last minute idea… we used a twist on this tonite. (touchdown, 1st car commercial, penalty, coin toss, score reaches 14, Someone uses the bathroom, etc). We had kids of all ages over for the game, and this kept ALL of them busy. They watched the game and it kept them focused. I’ll definitely be using again !!! Thanks for the great idea.

  3. says

    We had a crowd at our house, ages 6 to 50-somethings, and this was such a hit! Since there were only 6 different boards, we had a couple of ties, but that was fine…we gave away an iTunes gift card to the winner in the older set and cash to the younger ones who didn’t have an iTunes account. Hope we can find this again next year!