Plastic cleaning caddy as portable art supply kit

Plastic cleaning caddy as art bin

Valentine-making is underway at my house. I'm using a small plastic cleaning caddy I found at the dollar store to hold all of the art supplies. Easy to contain, easy to transport. Great for houses where the art supplies and/or craft workspace are in different rooms.

I've seen caddies like this in the dollar section at Target as well.

(Keep this in mind the next time you give art or school supplies as a gift…cheaper and more useful than a gift bag.)

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  1. says

    We use the smaller caddy for toting those little jars of paint, the brushes and sponges to the desk or easel. It certainly makes clean up and transporting of the supplies so much easier.

  2. Lisa says

    Thank you, I love this idea. I just saw some caddies at Target a few days ago and was thinking…”what could I use those for?” Now I know.

  3. Serena says

    I have a desk organizer from Target that we use for the same purpose – I love the way it holds all the little packets of stickers, scissors, glue sticks etc and still looks neat on the shelf.

  4. Martin @ nanny cameras says

    Great idea and useful tips here. I think we need this
    ‘coz everytime my kids do some artworks. All the material
    are clutter on the floor.