Pancake hack: cut them into shapes with cookie cutters

Cut pancakes with a cookie cutter!

Here's a simple way to add fun to breakfast, from Will:

Cookie cutters aren't just for cookies anymore at our house.  For pancakes, my kids get to pick which dinosaur or mammal they will eat.

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  1. Caro says

    Cookie cutters work well for sliced cheese too! I signed up for “cheese” at my daughter’s preschool holiday party and decided I wanted to do something fun, so I bought sliced cheese and used the cookie cutters on them. It went over very well.

    Plus, if you are careful, you get the outline of the thing…and my kids liked that as much as the inside.

  2. says

    I love this idea!…. one Halloween I decided to get festive with the kids for breakfast… I made ghost and monster shapes….none of them looked as good as your cookie cutter moose… and I thought it would be cool to dye the syrup red to look like blood. It was so authentic the kids lost their appetite and couldn’t eat a thing. To this day we laugh about that one….

  3. JK says

    We use one of those ketchup/mustard dispensers. You can make any shape you want with those. Princesses and trains are favorites. You outline the figure, wait a little while and then fill the rest. The outline is a little browner and the result usually is “kids approved”.

  4. jmf says

    Depending on what kind of cutters/pan you use, you can use the cookie cutters as molds for the pancake batter. Just put the cutter in the pan and pour the batter into it, by the time it is ready to be turned (when the top isn’t shiny anymore and the holes don’t fill in) it is set enough to remove the cutter. A lot less waste (or fewer pancake edges for mom or dad to eat!)