Non-slip shelf liner keeps puzzle pieces from sliding

Non-slip liner as puzzle surface

Puzzle-loving toddlers everywhere, rejoice! Vivian's come up with a great hack to reduce toddler frustration handling puzzle pieces that slide around:

I have a 2 year-old who loves puzzles. Unfortunately some of the puzzles he owns have pieces that sit next to each other rather than interlock. This frustrates my toddler to no end when he puts pieces he knows goes together, but in the process of trying to add the next piece in, pushes the two non-interlocking pieces apart, and he has to stop what he's doing to put it back together.

Non-slip-linerWhile watching him the other day, it occurred to me all he needed was a surface that didn't slide.  I grabbed my roll of leftover non-slip shelf liner and voila!  No more sliding puzzle pieces :)  Unlike carpet or laminate, the non-slip liner holds the pieces where he puts them.

I hope this hack helps someone.  I have one very happy toddler now!

Non-slip shelf liner comes in handy for all sorts of things. Parenthackers brainstormed a great list in the comments of a past hack suggesting non-slip shelf liner as a way to keep the tablecloth from slipping; any more ideas?

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  1. Tricia says

    We put a piece of shelf liner under the iPad so the kids can play games on it. Otherwise, I know an enthusiastic Angry Bird hit would send it flying right off the counter!

  2. Janice says

    I used a large piece to keep a toddler activity table from sliding. My daughter loved to cruise around, but it wouldn’t stay put on our wood floors. It also works under the Anywhere Chair.

  3. Stacy says

    I finally found barrettes that will stay in my daughter’s hair and it’s because there is a strip of this stuff glued to the inside!