18 February 2011

"Snag-free" hairbands still pull? Use cheap ones, then clip them off

Amazon: Scunci "snag-free" rubber bands Donna's found a solution to the painful hair-pulling that happens when you take out ponytail hairbands, even those billed as snag-free:

I have a daughter who loves to wear ponytails almost everyday. We use the polybands (rubber hairbands that have a flat edge) because they are supposed to be no tangle/no pull. Regardless of the "no pull" she still ends up in tears every night.

I keep a pair of small scissors in the drawer we keep her hair stuff in and we carefully clip the rubber band and simply brush the band out. The bands are usually around $1-$1.50 for a pack of 300.

A small price to pay for peaceful hair management.

Have any tips for removing ponytail holders without pulling? Or have you found any "snag-free" bands that trully are snag-free?

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We consider those little plastic ties to be one use only also. Once it's out (by any means necessary) it just goes into the trash.

Great idea to keep scissors in the bathroom.

I use terry fabric covered hairbands. Like this ones http://www.multihouse.info/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=723 (but I use a different more expensive brand because they keep good longer). Before I used these bands I always had problems with hairs getting stuck too!

I use the fabric covered ones too. No problems with snagging...though my hair is really super straight! Not sure if someone with curly hair might have problems.

I can't help but feel a twinge of uncomfortableness about disposal solutions, just feels wasteful and bad for the planet. Of course, based on the lifestyles of most of us Westerners, this is probably inconsequential.

http://www.goody.com/#/grid/ouchless/products/mini_gentle_elastics I use the regular sized version of these for myself. I have long straight hair and they're wonderful. I've struggled in the past with other styles/brands pulling but Goody Ouchless work. They're fabric covered.

I hear you. Me, too, although going through the tears and pain seems silly.

On the PH Facebook page, Vanessa suggests using nail clippers to cut the hairbands. http://www.facebook.com/parenthacks

I also fund the terry ones to work really well. When my daughter was a baby we used the ones you have a photo of but now that she has more hair (that's curlier) her hair tends to get tangled and we use these http://www.amazon.com/Packs-GOODY-Terry-Pony-os-Ponytailer/dp/B001JYW6D0 ...that is, WHEN she lets me put it up ;)

I buy super cheap plastic ones at the beauty supply store! I have a problem with my 4 daughters either pulling out cloth covered ones or they fall out by themselves.

Me too, and I have wavy/frizzy hair. They rarely ever get tangled, but I'm and adult and not as active as a kid might be. I usually pick them up in the check-out line at Target.

I've never had tangling problems with old-fashioned hair bobbles -- the kind that are a figure-eight shape with two large plastic marbles at either side. As it unwraps from the hair rather than having to be pulled out, it seems to be less tuggy.

A seam-ripper works great for slicing that little hairband without cutting any of the hair! You know, one of these?


I have used full hair bands the full elastic ones you normally use to pull the hair back from the forehead.

And for after I wash my hair..and tie it up still a little damp...i have cut the cuff of a few pairs of my sons old socks...they work a treat and are softer if you tie your hair up to go to bed...

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