My Carry Potty: for potty-trainers on the go

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Sasha at Parenting's Show & Tell asks: what do you think of the My Carry Potty: brilliant or gross?

No parent of a potty-training young-un has time to worry about the gross factor (didn't we get over that when they were newborns?). If you've experienced cleaning your kid up after a potty accident while shopping or traveling, you know all about gross, and would probably prefer THIS.

Carrying a potty when going out makes good sense, and this one seems well-designed, easy to handle, and quick to clean. I'm imagining that trips to the grocery store, the park, even the back yard, would be a lot less complicated. I say: brilliant.

But I defer to you, potty-training Parenthackers. Anyone have one of these and care to tell us about it?

At Amazon: My Carry Potty, $29.99

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  1. says

    I had a potty chair in the back of my van for emergencies when my kids were training. It was necessary for long road trips and trips to the park without a bathroom. We didn’t use it often, but when we needed it I was glad to have it!

  2. Lucie says

    The Potette rocks! Also doubles as a toilet seat and can easy fit into a (spacious) handbag… We bought two and never looked back. The Baby Bjorn toilet trainer seat is also very good but not designed to be portable.

  3. says

    We had the Cool Gear one and, in those early days where every trip out of the house is freighted with worry, we even stuck it under the stroller so that it was available for sudden desperation at the playground! We still throw it in the trunk for road trip emergencies or whenever our nearly-3-year-old gets picky about large potties. Really works like a dream and pretty low ick factor too.

  4. Mike says

    The Potette was indispensable. Our daughter starting the potty very early (<1 year) because she wouldn't go in her diaper — only once the diaper was off. Since kids that young can't wait as long as a much older toddler, it was easy to pull out the Potette *anywhere*. If at the park, I could set it up in the back hatch of my car, tie up the bag afterward, and be done with it.

    The seat you recommend has the "ick" factor of "what do you do with what's inside if you're not near somewhere you can dump it out?". That's not a problem with the Potette bags, which have the absorbent pad inside and which can be tied off and disposed of when/where possible.

    That said, we carried a simple fold-up seat for use in places like public bathrooms (restaurants, airports, airplanes). The fold-up and the Potette took up a *very* small amount of space in the diaper bag — about as much space as a half-dozen diapers would have taken.

  5. says

    We have the Potette, but haven’t really needed it (our oldest was mostly potty trained when we bought it).

    The most suspicious thing about the Carry Potty is that it claims to be leakproof. When I think how many sloshy sippy cups have made the same claim, it makes me very uneasy. I may be willing to take my chances with milk and juice, but….

    And if it made liquidy sounds while carried, blerg.

  6. Rebecca Ho says

    I’d never heard about the Potette. I wonder if we can even get it in Canada – some things just don’t make their way north.

    It wasn’t a perfect system, but we got one of those tiny, light potties from Ikea and kept one on hand whenever we went somewhere in the car, to friends’ homes who don’t have kid friendly bathrooms, to the park, out in the backyard. Again, since I’m in Canada, it works better in the summer than the winter months. I think this is why many Canadian parents potty train in the summer.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I just want to make a quick mention that there are two versions of the Potette: One that is just a travel potty and the “2 in 1″ that also works as a trainer seat. I got confused when I bought mine. It has been great for us.

  8. Becky C. says

    Blerg is right. Just the thought of carrying around a plastic case full of waste is making me laugh so hard I’m crying, as well as gagging a little. I’m also not down with carrying something that actually says “Potty” on the outside.
    We’re Potette users too, and I like being able to put it away in a bag that makes it a little less obvious that I’m carrying a potty around with me.

  9. says

    This is something I would love to try. I’ve definitely carried a baby bjorn potty into a mcdonald’s bathroom before when we were traveling. It was pretty gross!

  10. Kelly says

    I was just told a good tip for the potette. The bags are expensive but plain grocery bags leak. If you put a panty liner at the bottom of a grocery bag – problem solved at about a 1/3 the price.