Keep hair clips organized in magnetic spice canisters

Store hair accessories in magnetic canisters

Heather has found a solution to hair accessories scattered around the house:

Hair clips and bands were constantly being lost and found at our house until I repurposed these magnetic containers. I think technically they’re spice containers, but really, they’re great for holding just about anything small. I found them for $2 each at my local grocery (multipurpose) store.

I love how they’re magnetic, so they stick to the fridge and medicine cabinet and in the kids’ rooms. We attached an IKEA ASKER magnetic knife rack ($15) to the wall and viola, instant magnetic surface.

Amazon: Mini-strip Magnet BoardSo smart! I've seen these containers in office supply stores as well (good for paper clips and other tiny desk doodads). I've also seen nifty bulletin boards that are actually thin metal strips. Cheaper than the knife rack — in fact, anything metal would work as the magnets are part of the canister. I've found magnet strips thin enough to attach to the fronts of bookshelves so I can tack small items there.

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  1. says

    What a brilliant idea! I think they would fit right along the side of the medicine cabinet, and the “basket” we currently keep them in could come off the counter.

  2. Lydia says

    I put all my daughter’s metal snap clips directly onto one of two magnetized strips I have in her room and by the front door. Then there’s no containers to fiddle with!

  3. says

    Ooh, I love this idea. Generally, kid’s room’s feels uncomfortable to see but tricky funny to arrange all the Items. But, my daughter favor of new fashionable with the tiny clips. But I don’t have specified area to keep safer. Now, I follow your idea and I love too do it. Thanks for this blog. Have a great time!

  4. says

    First, I put the kids in front of the TV. Nothing else keeps them in one spot like the television.

    Next, I turn on every room light. Once all the lights are on, I do a thorough room-by-room search for a stuff.

    When a room is clear, I turn out the light and close the door.

    Once all the lights are out and doors are closed, I know I’ve hit every space. Now, if something doesn’t make it home with us, it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

    If your kids are old enough, I would add a step before the room-by-room inspection: have them pack their suitcases, or at least gather their stuff into a single corner. My motto: “always better when several brains work on a problem.”

    Do you have a system for packing up at the end of a vacation?