links for 2011-02-03

  • Finally, someone has calculated just how much money you save if you turn lights and electronics off and the thermostat down before you go to bed every night. Not surprisingly, that someone is Trent.
  • My daughter barely made the growth curve for years. A nutritionist once suggested I feed her Cheetos to boost her calories. Really? I prefer the gold mine of healthy food suggestions in the comments of this post.
  • This sounds DELICIOUS. Clearly, I have an unlimited appetite for mac & cheese.
  • It's too easy, while in the tranches of parenthood, to focus on getting through each day while letting a year slip by. Try to set aside a little time to think about the year ahead: what do you and your kids look forward to? What do you hope for? No need for iron-clad lists…just a little mindful attention to where you hope to go this year, literally and/or spiritually.
  • I can always count on Megan to find great crafty links. Fun, festive Valentine stuff.