Parent Hacks Weekend Catchup: highlights from the week of 2/14/11


For the time-challenged among us (which would be ALL of us), here are the highlights from the last week at Parent Hacks. It was a good one:

Amazon Mom gets you cheap diapers and 3 months of Amazon Prime: This is a biggie, in terms of money savings and convenience. Check it out.

Hack request: Caring for your kid’s hair: A super-hackworthy topic. Share your tips!

Dental floss container as yarn cutter: Knitters and crocheters rejoice!

“Snag-free” hairbands still pull? Use cheap ones, then clip them off: Pain-free ponytails. Lots of great comments.

Hairband storage solution: a wine rack: one clever method among many.

No closet in baby’s room? Hack an IKEA Expedit bookshelf: Another brilliant IKEA Hacker idea.

Book light lets baby sleep through nighttime diaper changes: Although, according to comments/Twitter/Facebook,  not everybody changes their babies at night…

No-fuss birthday cake decoration: Mr. Potato Head parts: PHers loved this one.

Take notes in the shower with bathtub crayon: Squeaky-clean productivity.

Roll cookie dough out inside a Ziploc bag: For the rolling-pin challenged.

Homemade storage solution for dress-up clothes: Lots of folks loved this idea.

How Facebook and Twitter are broadening the conversation at Parent Hacks: Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Built-in potty seat: good for butts of all sizes: EVERY TOILET NEEDS ONE OF THESE. SRSLY.

Make a cell phone charm with Shrinky Dinks, Sharpies and dental floss: From my darling Valentine.

Socks in the pool cut down on slipping and scrapes: Really.

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