Hairband storage solution: a wine rack

Wine rack as hair band storage


Clever solution to the problem of hair thingies (elastic bands, ponytail holders, barrettes, headbands, etc.) taking over the bathroom. Read the full post for details and more photos.

Thank you, Loridee, for sharing this on the Parent Hacks Facebook page!

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  1. Vianki says

    I have a hack for this too…..

    Shower curtain rings! You know the cheap clear ones you can get at the dollar store that snap shut?

    They keeps the hair ties together in one place so you can throw them in your bag or keep them in the drawer.

  2. Kathleen McDade says

    This is cool! My problem is that they keep disappearing into the ether. We might need one for upstairs and one for downstairs. :-)

  3. JanM says

    Our solution for hair barrettes was to clip them all to a pretty ribbon and hang it up in our bathroom. It’s nice to have them all in pairs, so you notice when one is missing!

  4. Catherine says

    Would one of those ubiquitous plastic “links” that are used to attach baby toys to things also serve the same purpose? I’ve got a dozen of those floating around from when J was a baby and I bet they’d work as well.