Hack request: Caring for your kid’s hair

Amazon: Ponytail holders We've got haircare on the brain. From what I'm hearing in the comments, on Twitter and on Facebook, keeping kids' hair groomed, corralling the paraphernalia, and generally getting a handle on hairstyling is a topic in need of more in-depth hacking.

So: send me your haircare hacks! I'm looking for:

  • Ideas for kids' hairstyles that are quick, cute, and practical
  • Suggestions for hair accessories (hairbands, barrettes, clips, headbands, etc.), tools (brushes, combs, etc.) and products (detangler, conditioner, styling products, etc.) that work well and are reasonably priced
  • Hair care routine shortcuts
  • More hair accessory storage ideas
  • Thoughts or tips on kids' haircuts (DIY? How to simplify salon visits?)
  • Anything else you think applies

Email me at hacks@parenthacks.com with HAIR in the subject line (or share on Twitter or Facebook). Let's put the kid haircare demon in its place.